"As an Acupuncturist in the Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, I have worked with Alicia And Paul for Three years.  With their expertise, my practice has grown immensely.  They have taken the time to teach me how to run it more efficiently while accepting insurances.  Alicia is well versed with the medical coding industry and Paul is an expert in the bookkeeping industry.  The combination has proven very reassuring in that I feel I am receiving the best attention to detail in the medical billing industry.  We met first to see if we were the right fit.  They offered me my own software and individualized service for Acupuncturists   I am pleased with a company that is also personal and treats a small office the same as a large one.  Attention is given when necessary and the phone is answered by a person.  I am happy to work in a world where there are still family operated businesses!"

Thank you Warrens!!
Tessler Stromberg, L.Ac., M.Ac

Harmony Primary Care Associates
N. Sharlene Rajapakse, MD

Phil Saltman L.Ac.
Phil Saltman L.Ac.

Phoenix Counseling Services, Inc.
Lisa J. Hoffman, MA, LCPC, President